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Breathe Slowly

Today was a terribly long day.  First off we were scheduled to go the mall.  I realize I am a female, but that has always been on my list of, No thank you, would rather go naked. I used to go once a year at Christmas time to pick up my  prints at the camera store and maybe get some last minute gifts.  That’s it.  Once a year.  Fine by me.

Not so fine to the 14 year old girl that lives with me.  They tell me she is my daughter, but we are polar opposites in so many ways I wonder sometimes.  She loves the mall.  Ugh.

I woke up in more pain than I have had in a while.  All this lying down and trying to work on my laptop in bed is just not good for my back.  So pain, and a  trip to the mall.  Then I argued with the hubby.  He was in pain too, so not much kindness running around in my house today.  So I did the mall thing, less two boys who had other plans today, but add in my favorite baby and I had my hands full.  Thankfully the girl brought in reinforcements – her best friend and her mom and sister, so I didn’t have to do ALL the stores.  We ate at Olive Garden (Thank the lord for gift cards) and picked up missing children.  I had every intention of being off duty when I got home.  (Who am I kidding?  Off duty? Ha Ha)

Got home, and curled up with my husband – he had done too much work today  too and was feeling the pain.  All I wanted to do was lie there and snuggle.  Sadly my fitbit hadn’t even hit 5000 so I needed to walk around the block.  Ugh….Do I have to?  (Insert whining here)  I can’t do it.  I have no idea how I dragged myself out of the bed and up the stairs.  I walked out the door, I was losing light so I had to get it done.  One foot in front of the other.  Given our circumstances this is a skill I am going to need.  Keep moving.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..I thought about music.  Played on FB as I walked.  One foot in front of the other  My feet hurt badly when I walk, add that to my list of aches and pains, but usually about 3/4 of the way around the block I find my groove and often make another go around.  Not today though – too late of a start.  I tuck my phone in my back pocket and look around.  I can occasionally hear a parent calling out to a child, or see the flickering of a TV.  Other than that it’s silent.  No birds, not even that pesky woodpecker.  No cars finally.  The sun is setting and its just so beautiful.13012824_10154263846046777_9060101775185156062_n

There is a moment where I look at the sky and just breathe.  For that instant I know how blessed we are.  How good life is.  I can be still and enjoy the warmth and the quiet and the momentary lapse of pain in my body.

It doesn’t last long. As I turn the last corner I see children headed my way.  Waving arms and calling my name.  Silence broken, but I take another breath and plunge back into the madness that is my life.  Just breathe people.



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